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Drabble: Hidan vs The Pit (Despair not version)

My aspiration to write more this year was being neglected until recently, like most well intentioned things it started out in a moment of strength, but without consistent work... and then I pulled out a half-written piece and finished it. And then some more fic with Kakuzu and Hidan content showed up, and then I somehow stumbled on more fic as a challenge drabble with Hidan as the centerpiece, and eventually made my way to an anon-meme and dropped a few lines as I got pulled in with some of the prompts. And then today I saw that there was a challenge for 'despair' in a totally unrelated comm

First, I thought about writing Kakuzu and how he might have initially felt despair when his village betrayed him and served him up some blame, but I already wrote about that situation, and as much as I want to explore that event, what I really wanted to write was Hidan.  But my I just couldn't get my mind-canon Hidan to go there!  He didn't do it, he just wasn't in that headspace.  And I've never really been satisfied with Kishimoto's 'dying of starvation' position so I took those pieces and thought kind of outside the box (or the pit, hurhurhur) and came up with the following...

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Drabble: Commensalism (Hidan, Kakuzu)

Title: Commensalism
Pairing: Kakuzu and Hidan (partnership flavored)
Rating: T for violence (stab stabbity!)
Summary: Random tidbits of the working relationship
Warning: Blood, violence

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A/N: (real life stuff) Yes, I live in New Orleans, and no, I haven't had power in my apartment since Tuesday.  Living in the south without AC in the summer is...brutal.  I don't know how my ancestors survived.  Actually I'm living like they did in the mid-1800's LOL.  Except I've been camped out at Starbucks, so at least I have internet and AC at the moment!  Subsequently, having nothing to do but read and check obsessively the power company's outage map I have taken the time to revisit some old ideas for fic and made some headway.   Anyhow, I've been delving into the realm of evolutionary psychology, and this has definitely influenced the direction my fics have headed... that is one of my great failings in writing FICTION, trying to much to correlate it with real life phenomena rather than seeing it as a departure from it.

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